April Gardening Tips


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Gardening Month By Month: April Projects

The arrival of spring brings more tasks to be done in the garden

When April comes, we know that Spring has indeed arrived. Sunshine and rain during this month cause plants to grow quickly, and we know that if we have taken good care of our little garden it will not be very long before we have many lovely flowers.
There are many things to do and think about at this time of the year. Growing plants need attention, more seeds should be sown, bulbs planted, and the ground should also be kept clear of weeds.

The Cornflower is a favorite flower of mine. The seeds can be sown this month. It is important however, that seedlings should be thinned out in order to let each young plant have room to grow. The plants bloom from June to September. Annual Sweet Aryssum is a splendid plant for making a border, or for growing in a rockery. The seed may be sown in April.

Marigolds are very useful, and easy to grow. Seed should be sown this month; also Nasturtiums.
If you can get one or two roots, or tubers as they are called, of Dahlia, now is the time for planting them.
Flowers that bloom in December are all too rare, so try to obtain and plant this month a root of the Christmas Rose.

In the vegetable garden we can now sow Scarlet-runner Beans. Towards the end of the month marrow can be sown. A good plan is to dig a shallow pit for each seed. Take out the earth to a depth of a foot, and replace it with rotted garden refuse and manure, planting the seed in the centre. Remember to water the plants well as they grow, and you should have good results.

This is the time for designing an attractive flower-bed, here’s an example of a good colour scheme. Remember that the Sweet Peas need rich, well­-manured soil, and that the Nasturtiums prefer poor soil. Three Gladioli bulbs should be planted in the shape of a triangle. The Asters you should buy as plants – they are very inexpensive and do not plant them until next month. By Asters we mean the Ostrich Plume or Comet Chinese Asters, and not the Michaelmas Daisy, which is the true Aster.

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