June Gardening Tips


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Gardening Month By Month: June Tips and Projects

The glorious month when gardeners reap their reward – A Summers Glory!

June is Juno’s month. Sweet June! The month of roses and lovely flowers! June is the sixth month of the year. It has thirty days and marks the beginning of the summer. The month of June is believed named so either from Junius, which was the name of an old Roman tribe, or from Juno. Juno was the chief of all the Roman goddesses. It was her job to look after the interests of Roman women. For this reason, June has always been looked upon as the best month in which to get married:

Married in the month of roses — June

Life will one long honeymoon.

June is a glorious month for the the garden. The early spring flowers may have disappeared, but other brightly-coloured flowers take their places, and your past work should now be well rewarded. There is still work to be done, however. Well-rooted Geranium plants can be put into beds, where they will make a fine splash of colour.

Gardening Tips for June

It would be a good plan during this month to tie all tall plants to stakes, especially tall Dahlias. You will then be sure that strong winds or thunderstorms will not damage them. The annuals you have sown where they are to bloom should be thinned out so as to leave plenty of room for each plant to develop.

The hoe is a useful garden tool in June for loosening the soil about roots. The hoe should take the place of the wateringcan to a large extent. This allows air, sunshine and rain to feed the plants freely.

If you can get a few cuttings or roots of Gold-Dust, which is a kind of Alyssum, they will do very well for your rockery, if planted this month. Lobelia plants can be set out in June. This flower makes a very attractive border plant.

If the weather is dry, you should be sure that all plants are watered well, not forgetting, of course, the vegetable garden. In your vegetable plot you can sow seeds of Turnips, Lettuce and Shorthorn Carrots for late crops.

please pardon the weeds we're feeding the bees
please pardon the weeds we’re feeding the bees – Metal sign for no mow nature strips.

Most crops will benefit now from the application of liquid manure. Make this by mixing half a spadeful of manure in a large bucket of soft water.

How pretty the hedges now look, with the blossoms of the pink and white wild rose, while the scent of the sweet honeysuckle, bean-flower, clover, fills the air with perfume. The busy hum of the bee and chirp of the grasshopper are heard from morning till night, and the songs of birds everywhere.

The likelihood of good weather is one of the reasons for celebrating the Queen’s “official” birthday on the second Saturday in June, even though she was born on 21st April 1926. On her official birthday a Royal Salute of forty-one rounds is fired at 11 a.m. in Hyde Park. Later that day the traditional “Trooping the Colour” ceremony also takes place at Whitehall, London. Sera monath (Dry month) was the name the Anglo Saxons gave to the month. By the time of William Caxton (the first printer of a book in England, in 1475) the name had became lunius or Iuyn. In William Shakespeare’s plays it is called lune. It was first called June about 200 years ago, in the time of George Washington and Captain Cook. 

Midsummer Day (or Mid-winter depending on your hemisphere!) should be 21st June: that day in the year when the northern half of the earth is nearest the sun and therefore has most daylight hours. In Ireland people believed that on Midsummer Eve your soul leaves you body and visits the place where you will eventually die. The Queen and other members of the royal family usually attend the races at “Royal Ascot” in Berkshire in mid-June; keen racegoers can also enjoy watching the Derby at Epsom in Surrey or at home on television. The Lawn Tennis Championships begin at Wimbledon in late June, and all gourmets and gardeners know that this is the month when strawberries are roses are at their best. If you were born in the month of June, your luck flowers are roses and your lucky gemstone is the pearl or agate.

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