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Laying Out the Garden – Planning a Kitchen  Garden

The planning of the vegetable garden requires really careful consideration, if you are to make the best use of the space at your disposal. It is a really great idea to make a plan during the winter of the way in which you intend to sow your crops.

The crop planting scheme given below is really useful and worth making note of.

Early Potatoes intercropped with Summer Spinach.Late Potatoes intercropped with Brussels Sprouts.Dwarf Peas intercropped with Radishes.Cabbages intercropped with Broad Beans.Spring Onions followed by Winter Turnips.Early Red Beet followed by Autumn Onions set in late August.Parsnips intercropped with Radishes or Lettuces.Early Lettuces followed by Greens or Tomatoes.Shallots followed by Winter Turnips.Carrots followed by Autumn-sown Broad Beans.Scarlet Runners followed by Lettuces for spring use.Tomatoes followed by Turnips for turnip tops or green manuring.It’s also worth thinking about the companion plants you’ll be sowing with your veg.

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