March Gardening Tips


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Gardening Month By Month: March Projects

March – The windy month of March is a busy one for the gardener

March brings us to a very interesting and busy time in the gardening year. There are many seeds and plants to be placed in the garden during March. When the ground has been well smoothed by means of a rake, seeds of Love-in-a-Mist can be sown out of doors. If they are put in late in the month, you will have some beautiful flowers from July onwards.

Stunning blue Love-in-a-Mist

Hot Californian Poppies

Beautiful Asters

Californian Poppies or Eschscholtzias, as they are called, can be sown in March. These plants bear many flowers of brilliant colours. Seed of Annual Chrysanthemum can be sown out doors this month. Shirley Poppy seeds, too, should be sown now to give brilliant patches of colour in summer. Clarkia is a pretty flower, if the seed is sown this month you will have blossoms from July onwards. If you can get some Montbretia bulbs, these can be planted in March, as also can the roots of Michaelmas Daisy. Seeds of one or two flowers can be planted in a box indoors this month, if you can manage it. These include Annual Asters, Ten-Week Stocks and Pansies. Cuttings of Geraniums can also be set in pots indoors ready for transplanting later. If you did not sow your Sweet Pea seeds in February, you can sow them out of doors now. In the plan for next month we shall give you a small design for a flower-bed, which you may find useful. Perhaps it would be best to study it before the Sweet Pea seeds are sown, then, if you decide to use the design, your scheme will not be upset.

Glorious Gladiolus

Yellow Alyssum

Giant pansy

A few Gladiolus bulbs should be planted in your garden. These plants have beautiful blooms and they are an important part of the design for April, in which the Sweet Peas also play a part.

March is a good month for planting flowers in your rockery, the making of we covered in January. Small roots of Arabis, Aubretia and Thrift, Yellow Alyssum and various of the saxifrages can be planted. Others you should get if you can afford them are Cheddar Pink and Veronica, which later gives you a mass of lovely blue flowers.

Time to spring back into gardening mode and get organised before the growing season really starts. In the vegetable garden you should now so lettuce, onion, radish and spinach seed. It is important for you to thin out unsparingly root crops such as carrot, parsnips and turnips. This should be done directly the plants are large enough to be handled.

March is the right time of year to establish an asparagus bed if you are starting with crowns. Make sure you get it in the right location as it will be there permanently.

March Gardening Tips

  • Start seeds indoors and under grow lights for tomatoes, peppers, and eggplants
  • Prune your roses, trees, or shrubs
  • Plant potatoes, lettuce, carrots, peas, and radishes
  • At the end of March, transplant early varieties of tomatoes outdoors with protection
  • Deadhead daffodils as the flowers have finish and let the foliage naturally die back
  • Plant native hedges and plants to encourage wildlife
  • This month you should prune your rose-trees. You’ll need a good quality pair of secateurs.
  • Finally, March is probably you last time to catch up on gardening inspiration. Check our our great gardening reads before it’s too late.

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