May Gardening Tips


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Gardening Month By Month: May Projects

How to wage war on snails, slugs and other garden pests.

May is often called the “Queen of Months,” and this we can understand, for after April’s kindness the young plants seem to have “grown-up” in an astonishing manner, though, unless we keep them clear, weeds will have grown quickly, too.

It is during May that we must be on the look-out for garden pests. In the garden in May many of these pests, such as snails and slugs, a good tip is that they can be kept away by scattering a little lime lightly over the soil. Others, which attack leaves with a cool solution of strong soapy water. Soot, too, is useful in keeping away pests, if scattered around the roots.

If you have space in your garden you can so wallflower seeds now. These seeds will grow to plants which bear flowers the following Spring. Seeds of the pretty little forget-me-not can be sown this month, to show flowers next year.

May is the month for planting Snap-dragons. If you have grown the seed indoors you can move young plants out into the flower bed, These plants, of course, can be obtained from most plant nurseries. There are three kinds of dwarf, medium and tall and they grow best if placed in a dunny part of the garden. Seeds of the beautiful Zinnia can be sown now.
Ten-Week Stocks can also be transplanted this month; also Annual Asters.

How to protect plants from treading feet while weeding

In the vegetable garden, the tops of broad-beans should be nipped off, to deter black fly from attacking them. Cauliflower, Sprout and Cabbage plants can be set out in the garden this month, though you should ensure the plants have plenty of room to grow.

Handy hand weeder tool

Lawn Aeration Spiked Shoes

Raised beds are a great back saving solution

A weeding bridge is very useful for weeding vegetable and flower beds. With it you can get to all parts without treading on the plants. It is made by simply placing a board on two flowerpots which are turned upside down.

To keep your spade nice and clean, you can easily make a simple wooden spade cleaner or a bucket of sharp sand.

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