Financial Benefits of Vegetable Gardening


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Have a vegie garden that saves you money

The chief pleasure to be had from your kitchen garden is the saving of grocery costs which can be considerable if you plant the right crops. There is also the bonus of giving away (or even selling) the surplus, you will be adding to the benefits. Many of the crops come on faster than they can be used in the house, especially lettuces and peas, and the surplus can be given away to neighbors (for brownie points) or sold at farmers markets. The flavour of vegetables brought straight from the garden to the pot is very different from that of stale vegetables that have been in a store two or three days. You’ll come to appreciate this, If you have an occasional surplus of tomatoes, for example – a dish given to friends and neighbours will keep friendships alive for life – and money can’t buy this kind of thoughtfulness! To obtain the most benefit back (including financial) from a vegetable patch, there are three points to bear in mind. These are : Grow vegetables of the best quality that are expensive at supermarkets (think berries, salad leaves, asparagrass etc). Raise them early to command the top prices. Utilise the land you’ve to the best advantage by sowing catch crops.

Essential Gardening Tools :

You don’t need many tools to have a successful garden but it will be necessary to have at least a draw hoe, for earthing up potatoes and for making trenches for sowing peas, beans, etc. A dibber, which can be made from the handle of an old spade or broom. A garden line, and a winder which can be made out of odd pieces of wood, which is useful for measuring distances at the ends of rows. In addition, some gardeners like to have a dutch hoe for easily keeping down small weeds and for aerating the soil.

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