Planting Strawberries for High Yields


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How to Grow Strawberries

Cool climates seem to give the best flavour in Strawberries, but they grow and produce luscious berries in moderate and coastal climates as well.

Strawberry crowns are usually divided and replanted in early spring, when the weather is cool, moist and when plants are available. They like a rich soil, well provided with humus, preferably well rotted dairy manure, but cool and already fermented poultry refuse, used with caution, is also useful.

A warm, sunny aspect is demanded by strawberries. No shady or cold positions will do for these sun worshiping plants. In really hot weather, strawberries can be dramatic and “faint” whenever they’re too hot or thirsty. I have several different strawberry types and some are more dramatic than others on a hot day. 

Strawberry plant spacing

Space the strawberry plants 12 inches apart each way, if only small beds are to be planted. That will do well enough for a year. Another method is larger rows can be 9-10 inches apart in rows with 18 inches to 2 feet between rows. That will give room for spreading and propagation, raised beds are ideal, as they provide good drainage. Strawberries also grow well in pots, hanging baskets, along path and border edging – just as long as the soil is rich, well drained and moist.

After digging the beds well and including the manure, mix it in 6 inches deep with a ration of balanced fertiliser – a generous handful to the yard run of rows. In planting, see that the roots are clean cut.

How to plant strawberries

There are two ways of propagating strawberry plants; Growing strawberries from seed and growing from runners. Most strawberry plants need a variety of pollinators, owing to weakness in pollen-making so its always better not to buy strawberry seeds and plant strawberries from runners instead but if you decide to grow from seed, here’s how to do it:

Growing Strawberries from Seed

  • Fill your covered seed tray with seeding mix, make sure the soil is level and flat and sow the seed directly onto the surface.
  • Gently water the surface with a spray mist as strawberry seeds are tiny! For successful germination you’ll need to ensure the seed is in contact with the seedling soil mix.
  • Place in a sheltered spot with sunshine, as strawberry seed likes warmth and sunlight to germinate.

Growing strawberries from runners

The best way to grow strawberries is to spread the runners with roots naturally, outwards and downwards, claw-like, and keep the crown at surface level (Do not bury it!) and don’t bunch the roots. Those are most important factors for being successful with growing strawberries.

Strawberry plant care

Keep well watered over the growing period, especially nearing fruiting time, and suppress any tendency to make runners during this period. Weekly doses of liquid manure (keep it off the foliage), just as flower buds form, will assist in producing big and luscious fruits.

A carpet of straw and clean cut grass can be spread for the fruit to rest on when ripening.
After fruiting, the first runner plants can be allowed to root to make new stock for coming season in other beds.

Sometimes a covering of wire netting at this stage protects the fruit from roving and discerning birds. In small beds or rows of Strawberries a few 9-inch high sticks at foot intervals, with black cotton criss-crossed Over the plants, is an effective deterrent against sparrows (at fruiting time). The more persistent pigeons need small mesh wire netting to keep them away.

Traditional Strawberry Planter Pot

These traditional strawberry planter pots have the benefit of looking great we well as having moisture retaining yet free draining properties – exactly what a strawberry plant wants.

Lightweight Contemporary Strawberry Planter

An attractive, light weight strawberry planter which is ideal for small spaces and patios.

Affordable Strawberry Pots

Large affordable Strawberry grow bags which have 8 side growth pockets, which are perfect for shallow roots of strawberry plants, allowing strawberries to plant freely and healthily.

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