Garden Wildlife Camera Review


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Affordable Garden Wildlife Cameras – A Review

Perfect for nature lovers, these smart little wildlife cameras for your garden are easy to use and great for capturing all sorts of wildlife activity day and night.

There is no tool better for finding out “what’s out there” than the camera trap a.k.a the trail camera. The humble camera trap — an automated digital device that takes a flash photo or video recording of whenever an animal triggers an infrared sensor. These fantastic gadgets have been coming into their own, playing an increasingly important role in wildlife conservation but have exploded in popularity thanks to backyard enthusiasts like us! The trail camera (sometimes known as a “hunting camera”, “remote camera” or “game camera”) varies from the travel camera in that it’s used to capture images remotely. The technology has even been behind the discovery of a few new species. They are fantastic as you can have one set up in your garden for very little expense, relative ease, and minimal disturbance to wildlife.

You can use these fantastic outdoor cameras for either for personal enjoyment, professional use, or home security purposes – and of course use them to obtain truly candid shots of wildlife in your garden. Trail cameras can be triggered by hand, radio, sound or by using the built-in timer.

Where’s the best place to put a trail camera?

The best place to site your camera trap is on a known animal trail, near ponds or water sources – spots where animals or birds often appear. It’s best to site them off the ground and slightly angled downwards. Within a few months of setting up your trap, you’ll begin to gain a good sense of which creatures reside in the area and if you need to reposition your camera for a better shot.

Camera traps have some drawbacks. They can only gather information in the small area where their sensors are positioned so creatures can easily go undetected, and you need a lot of cameras to properly survey a large area. You also need to consider how you’ll mount the camera, battery life, and how you’ll need to keep a battery charged.

Best Wildlife Camera – Trail Camera Review 2021

Trail cameras are rugged outdoor cameras capable of taking photos or video some have flash and night vision capabilities that typically far surpass those built into the average handheld camera. There are also wireless trail cameras capable of sending images straight to your smartphone while others offer infrared photography. With so many different types of trail cameras available it can be difficult to determine which ones are worth the money and which are not.

Trail Camera Reviews 3 Wildlife Cameras

CREATIVE XP 3G Cellular Trail Camera

Luxury Option

CREATIVE XP 3G Cellular Trail Cameras – Outdoor WiFi Full HD Wild Game Camera with Night Vision for Deer Hunting, Security – Wireless Waterproof and Motion Activated – 32GB SD Card + Sim Card 

Good quality market leader and great for garden use and outdoor security. Hybrid capture mode both video & photo with every trigger. Versatile with two close-up lenses for macro with No-Glow LEDs to minimise animal disturbance. Has a long battery life of around 12 months so has many other uses such as property security and fly-tipping surveillance.

Photo Resolution: 14MP
Video Resolution: 1080p HD
Wide Angle: 50°
Triggering Time: 0.2 seconds
Display: 2.4″ LCD

TOGUARD WiFi Wildlife Trail Camera

Affordable Camera option

TOGUARD WiFi Trail Camera 20MP 1296P Game Camera Motion Activated Night Infrared Vision Waterproof Outdoor Scouting Wildlife Hunting Camera Advanced Night Vision Motion Activated IP66 Waterproof for Wildlife Watching and Home Surveillance.

Robust weatherproof wildlife camera. Takes 8x AA batteries and is a simple solution for garden wildlife watching. Records to a memory card with good picture quality and the night vision captures clearly in the dark.

Photo Resolution: 20MP
Video Resolution: 1296P(15fps)
Wide Angle: 120°
Triggering Time: 0.4 seconds
Display: 2.4″ LCD

Value Trail Camera

Budget camera option

Trail Camera 14MP 1080P HD Game Hunting Camera with 3 Infrared Sensors 850nm IR LEDs Low Glow Hunting Cameras with Night Vision Waterproof IP 66 Wildlife Monitoring with 120° Detecting Range

Easy to conceal and carry. Video and photo quality is sharp the max 32GB Card limit gives 2 hours of 1080p video footage. The default settings are ideal for the most wildlife recording. Very easy to use with a mounting strap and plate included. On the downside, videos created by this camera may not be supported by standard windows video. There’s no looping – videos do not override once the card is full and stops recording. The batteries (4x AA batteries) will last several days.

Photo Resolution: 14MP
Video Resolution: 1080P(15fps)
Wide Angle: 120°
Triggering Time: 0.4 seconds
Display: 2.4″ LCD

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