If you want to make as much as possible from your garden you must on no account neglect growing a few herbs. Herbs are very easy to grow, and when growing and cooking vegetables you are sure to need them.

Herbs also make excellent companion plants for many types of vegetables. Herbs help to fill up odd corners of the garden or can be grown as edgings to the plots. Some of them are very beautiful to look at such as the sages which have a gorgeous spike of blue flower, chives have a pretty pink blossom, and the fragrant scented thyme makes one of the nicest edgings, both in foliage and in bloom, that can possibly be grown. Herbs can be freshly gathered to throw in the pot, but can also be dried and packed in attractive-looking packets or in well sealed bottles. The following herbs and plants can be grown in borders and are ideal plants in any herb or vegetable garden.

Advice on growing Parsley

how to grow parsley
There is an old legend that says parsley seeds have to go to the Devil and back nine times before they will germinate.This...

Growing and harvesting Mustard

how to grow mustard
How to grow MustardFast and easy to grow, White Mustard for salad or garnishing is grown in precisely the same way as Cress, and...

All About Growing Garlic

all about growing garlic
Garlic is a perennial herb of the lily family that grow into bulbs. There are three main types of garlic the most popular being...

Culinary Herbs

Starting with herbs
The Culinary Herb GardenChives - Fennel - Horseradish - Lavender - Marjoram - Mint - Parsley - Rosemary - Sage - Tarragon -...

Planting Chives

My home grown chives in a vintage terracotta pot
Chives, Civet, Cive-Garlic or Garlic Chives, is a perennial hardy plant of the Onion family, grown for its leaves, which have a mild flavour,...

Easy Guide to Growing Endive

How to grow endive
How to Grow Endive This plant should be more widely grown. Endive and escarole are cool-season biennials grown as annuals. Both are salad greens similar...

Growing Basil

How to grow basil
Everything you’ve Ever Wanted To Know About Growing Basil How To Grow, Harvest and Use BasilBasil (Ocimum basilicum) is one of the most popular herbs...

Growing Cress for Big Kids

How to grow cress
Grow cress for the easiest indoor salad harvest Cress, sometimes referred to as garden cress but also broadleaf cress, peppergrass, pepper cress, mustard cress. This...