If you want to make as much as possible from your garden you must on no account neglect growing a few herbs. Herbs are very easy to grow, and when growing and cooking vegetables you are sure to need them.

Herbs also make excellent companion plants for many types of vegetables. Herbs help to fill up odd corners of the garden or can be grown as edgings to the plots. Some of them are very beautiful to look at such as the sages which have a gorgeous spike of blue flower, chives have a pretty pink blossom, and the fragrant scented thyme makes one of the nicest edgings, both in foliage and in bloom, that can possibly be grown. Herbs can be freshly gathered to throw in the pot, but can also be dried and packed in attractive-looking packets or in well sealed bottles. The following herbs and plants can be grown in borders and are ideal plants in any herb or vegetable garden.

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