Acer Tree


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ACER (a’ser) . Are splendid decorative trees and shrubs for cooler climates. They in­clude the smaller Japanese Maple (Palma­tum) of delicately divided foliage and varying intensity of tints; also Box Elder, Sycamore, English and Canadian Sugar Maple . Brilliant autumn and winter foliage makers. Plant in Autumn and Winter from open ground. The beautiful Box Elder will grow in milder inland climates.

Some splendid Maple varieties for the gardener are:

  • Acer negundo, ”Box Elder,” 40-ft.
  • Acer negundo variegata, Silver or Gold variegated Box Elder, 20-ft.
  • A. negundo areum, Golden leaves, 20-ft.
  • A. saccharinum, Canadian Sugai Maple, 50-ft.
  • A. Ginnala ( 15-ft.) vivid reddish brown autumn foliage and trifidum ( 20-ft.), quick grower and beautiful red autumn leaves, are splendid Asiatic forms of the Maple. Well worth inclusion.
  • A. polymorphum (Japanese Maple) range from 6-ft. to 20-ft., according to variety. Dissectum is beautiful, fine in foliage. Atropurpureum is deep red.

All are deciduous.

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