Best Ornamental Trees


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Best Ornamental Trees For Your Garden in 2021

Looking to plant a tree that’s a little out of the ordinary? Here is our list of the best ornamental trees for your garden to plant this year.

ABIES (a’bez) . Generic name of the Spruces and Firs. Latterly called Picea. Formal and symmetrical trees with green or glaucous (blue-grey) foliage and evergreen in all climates. Make splendid specimens for cold country lawns and gardens. Like deep soil. Plant in Autumn or Winter. Slow growers in early years,-more readily afterwards.

AESCULUS (es’cill-us). The Horsechestnut. A decorative tree, not related to the Chestnut, but like it, suitable only for moderate and cooler climates. The Horsechestnuts of Bushey Park, near London, were a springtime feature. Tall candelabra­like blooms. Plant in good, deep soil.

AGATHIS (ag’a-thes) is the Kauri Pine of New Zealand, or Queensland, which is the home of A. robusta. Tall, robust and slender trees of the Pine family, growing to 100 feet or more and making striking specimens in a big layout. Kauri Pine is a softwood, with wide renown.

AGONIS (ag-on-is). A very de­corative and hardy small tree originally from West Australia, with weeping habit and attractive white flowers. About 30 feet, and evergreen. Stands heat and wind well. (A. flexuosa is the variety.)

ALURITES (al-ur-i-tfs). Aleurites Fordii is the Tung-Oil tree of commerce. Nuts and all parts are extremely poisonous, otherwise a very good decorative tree for mild to moderate climates. Grows 20 feet. Tung-oil is extracted from the fruits.

ANGOPHORA (an-gofe-ra) is best known as the Sydney Redgum tree (A. lanceolata), which has a dove-grey to fawn and pink trunk of smooth bark. It is a splendid specimen tree for lawns, and favoured in Sydney’s North Shore Line gar­ dens. The young foliage is bright rose-pink to red, and provides the beautiful “red gumtips” which are as decorative as flowers. Other varieties are A. Bakeri, a graceful­foliage tree, useful for street planting, and the “Dwarf Apple” of the Sydney coastline, which lights up the bush with its masses of creamy-white blossoms in late Spring.

ASH is the common name of decorative trees of the Fraxinus family. Best knowp are the English (F. excelsior) and its golden form, aurea, suited to cooler climates. The Claret Ash is more amenable to milder climets, and its rich wine-red autumn tones are distinctive. It is a shapely and delightful tree. F.oxvcarpa, or Desert Ash, is also desirable for street and specimen planting. All these trees like a fairly good soil to give of their best.

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