Weeds and Weeding


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In the Home Garden, where plants grow closely together packed in the rows, it will often be necessary to hand-weed as well as to cultivate, and it is always a good idea to pull the weeds up by hand where they grow closely round the stalks of the plants.

Hand weeding claw

This hand weeding tool works well for selectively cultivating the soil around the base of plants and between vegetable rows.

Best back saving weeder

This weeding tool is perfect for backs – it’s long handle reduces the need for having to bend over or needing to get onto your hands and knees for weeding.

Weeding Knife

Weeding knives are useful for severing deep tap roots. It’s really useful for edging driveways, pavements and where weeds have rooted in cracks.

When to weed

The best results from weeding are obtained on a warm, bright sunny day, when the weeds are soon shriveled up by the sun, whereas in damp weather many may survive and take root. The ground should not be dug when the soil is too loose, nor should cultivation be carried out too soon after rain as the stirring of muddy soil is liable to puddle it into a compact cement-like mass, useless for growing any sort of plant.

As soon as the excess of moisture from rain is properly soaked in or partially evaporated, the ground should then receive a stirring, otherwise a crust will inevitably form.

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