Proven Way To Plant Seedlings


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Proven Way To Be Successful Planting Seedlings

Planting Out Seedlings: When you plant out your seedlings, if you give them a good start in life they’ll appreciate it and reward you profusely.

When planting out seedlings properly two things are important — to firm thoroughly the soil around the roots, and to soak each plant into the ground.

If the soil is not packed around the roots, and they are left suspended in an air pocket in the ground, they will wither, and the plant will die. Firming the soil with your fingers, and watering makes them safe. Remember, too, that hot, dry soil can burn tender young roots; and keep the hose handy when planting on a hot day. If planting out in summer the surface soil is hot and dry, water it well before you start; and then let the hose trickle around the roots of each plant as you put it in; don’t wait until they all are planted before turning on the hose.

That first watering, after transplanting, is vitally important. Do it well; not by sprinkling, but individually, with a saucer shape depression around each plant, to hold the water for the roots. Before you start planting, however, map out your bed. Use the butt end of the rake to punch holes where the plants are to go; spacing them evenly, and “rubbing out” the unwanted holes to give a proper spread, without crowding at the corners, and with enough room between them for each plant to grow and thrive. When it’s all evenly-spaced, drop the seedlings into the holes, firm the soil, and put the hose on them.

Always Plant ‘Spares’

When your bed is full, set a few “spares” in a corner, an inch or so apart. If later, you lose a plant or two, you can fill the gaps from the “spares” with plants of the same size. If you are using shop seedlings, instead of your own sun-raised plants, and the weather is hot, don’t put them straight out in the open sun—put them in a cool corner, 10 cm or so apart, where they will get some shade.

Leave them there for a week, keeping them well watered; and you can then lift them safely, each with a ball of earth around its roots, into the open beds. Finally, if you must buy seedlings, instead of raising your own, don’t buy plants already packed in bundles. Buy only from shops where the plants are growing in pots, and where you can be sure of getting seedlings with earth around their roots.

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