Transplanting Seedlings


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How to transplant seedlings

This is how to be successful transplanting seedlings. Before removing seedlings from the Cold Frame, Seed Boxes or Seed Bed, soak the soil with water so that it will adhere to the roots. Be careful to preserve all the young, fibrous rootlets when lifting the little plants, and when placing them in the open ground keep the roots in as natural a position as possible.

When to transplant seedlings

Transplant seedlings after sundown, or on a damp or cool day, and water the plants as soon as they are transferred to their permanent home. In some instances, to prevent any possible wilting of your delicate seedlings, it is necessary to shade the plants, but this depends on the heat of the sun and on the amount of soil retained by the roots. Such plants as Cabbage and Cauliflower will develop a set of fine roots overnight if freely watered after transplanting. Should the ground be moist, merely open a hole with a trowel, insert the earth-encased roots of a plant, draw soil up to the stalk, and firm with knuckles and the balls of the thumbs. The surface about each plant should be careĀ­ fully raked when all the plants have been set.

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