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This Seasons Best Gardening Gloves

Now that we’re more active in the garden it becomes apparent that a good quality pair of gardening gloves is not a luxury but a necessity! It’s also wise to inspect over your gloves from last season and check for holes are rips, I seem to get through a pair at least twice a year. It’s also important to check for overwintering insects which may have made the fingers inside your gloves their home during a winters hibernation. I had a nasty surprise one year when my hand met a hibernating hornet – neither of us came out of the situation in a happy state. May I present my top pick of gardening gloves for this season. Many thanks again for any purchases you make via this website as it keeps dinner on the table!

All-round Best gardening gloves

My all round favorited pick-of-the-bunch-gloves based on my experience and the best customer reviews.

Garden Claws

Garden claw gloves are waterproof and breathable – designed to help gardeners dig, plant, and rake with ease. These gardening gloves are ideal for digging, planting seeds and seedlings, to remove weeds, to loosen the soil around your veggies or even to aerate the soil in flower pots.

Thorn Proof Briers Gardening Gloves

Thorn proof goatskin leather gardening gloves with long cowhide gauntlet to protect you from your hands until your elbow. We love this because the leather is pliable and flexible for fine motor tasks and the lanolin moisturise the hands – great for people with sensitive skin.

Ultimate Sensitivity Gardening Gloves

Made from eco friendly, breathable bamboo which keeps sweaty hands cool. These gardening gloves fit like a second skin and are even touchscreen friendly!

Ladies gardening gloves

Ladies gardening gloves are different to men’s gloves. As a general rule women’s gardening gloves have longer fingers but shorter palms if you compare size to size with a man and women generally have smaller and slimmer hands and fingers as compared to men. So don’t share gloves with your hubby get a pair designed for women you wont regret the comfort, practicality and safety.

Women’s Water-Resistant Leather Gloves

Water resistant, keeping your hands dry and comfortable plus the elastic wrist helps to keep out dirt. All rounder leather glove of good quality and durability.

Floral gardening Gloves

Who doesn’t like nice things? These ladies garden gloves are lightweight and keep your hands cool and dry during garden work, without making your hands feel choked or sticky. Pretty, yet practical!

Affordable Synthetic Leather Suede

With a print inspired by a silk dress fabric from the 1920s. These machine washable gloves have reinforced high wear areas: thumb and index finger.

Mens gardening gloves

Quality men’s gloves are needed for “protecting” the skin from the wear and pounding of yard work and tool use. The best men’s gardening gloves are strong, durable and often made from leather.

Super strong men’s gardening gloves

High abrasion and puncture resistance this is a durable work glove that lasts. A men’s glove that has a reinforced leather palm patch and elastic wrist to keep out dirt and debris.

Gold leaf tough touch gloves

Hardworking yet luxurious glove for use in cold or wet conditions. These gloves have a reinforced palm to protects hand and provide a sure grip. The thinsulate layer plus Ski-Dry lining keep hands warm and dry.

Puncture Proof Garden Gloves

Tough thorn proof gloves for gardeners: Genuine leather gloves which are puncture resistant and will protect your hands making them safe from rose thorns, thistles, brier plants and more.

kids gardening gloves

It’s so important to get kids out in the garden, learning about nature and where their food comes from. However, that said in the interests of safety and hygiene I do make my kids wear gardening gloves. Here’s my pick of the best kids gardening gloves based on my experience and top rated customer reviews.

Kids Gardening Gripper Gloves

Kids Gardening Gripper Gloves for girls and boys aged 3-13. Rubber coated gardening gloves with knit wrist secure fit & keeps hands free of dust and dirt. Ideal for kids to do gardening and other outdoor activities.

Fun Children’s Gardening Gloves

Gardening Gloves for Ages 2-12. Made of high quality stretchy material, durable, and breathable! Soft rubber palm for easy handling of garden tools and plants, and provide high breathability and keeps hands cool and dry. A cute design with adorable panda face & smiley face, they’ll want to garden with you all day long.

Kids Leather Gardening Gloves

High-Quality Genuine Leather: Kids work gloves with premium sheepskin leather is naturally soft, flexible, comfortable and skin-friendly. These gloves provide high breathability and flexibility. Reflective fabric on the back of gloves provides high visibility and safety plus they’re touch screen friendly!

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