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Gardening Month By Month: August Projects Hints on how to 'strike' Sweet Lavender for your garden During early August your flower garden should be at its very best. Lots of flowers...

A successful garden, whether of Flowers or Vegetables, requires regular care and attention, but this is useless without a knowledge of the necessary operations and proper methods. Gardener Land is here to share knowledge which will be useful to the Home Gardener.

At Gardener Land we’re bursting with handy hints and tips for home gardeners. We’re not about being a boring encyclopedia of gardening, nor do we attempt to cover every tree and every shrub across the globe, but we’re keen to dig deep on the best plants, flowers and tools needed to make gardens really special. Gardener Land is is about bring garden ideas to life for anyone who wants to make their garden a special place of beauty and pride.

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General gardening covers a wide range of procedures. The goal main of flowers is to bring joy and magic to your garden

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Whatever your plans are, our reviews, projects and garden design ideas makes it easy to plan your garden project

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Our How To Grow plant guides are ever evolving. Grab some plant inspiration and make your garden a sanctuary

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There is simply nothing like growing your own fruit and vegetables. We love to share our vegetable know-how

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How to Start a Worm Farm

Handy Worm Farm information and care guide to happy healthy worms Worm farming, otherwise known as vermiculture (vermis from the Latin for worm) is the process of harnessing earthworms to convert organic waste into the world’s...

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Proven Way To Plant Seedlings

Proven Way To Be Successful Planting Seedlings Planting Out Seedlings: When you plant out your seedlings, if you give them a good start in life they’ll appreciate it and reward you profusely. When planting out seedlings properly...

All About Growing Garlic

Garlic is a perennial herb of the lily family that grow into bulbs. There are three main types of garlic the most popular being the common white garlic but there is also a pink (which...

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